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Le Loafeur - Open for entry from November 2016

Festival July 14-16 2017

Ride July 16 2017

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Le Loafeur

Easy Riders in the Lake District

Le Loafeur, does what it says on the tin! It meanders around the beautiful Coniston Water on a 47km loop which is about as easy as we can make it in this part of the world.

As always, there’s a magical food stop featuring huge slices of cake in a fabulous setting. It’s all about fun, friendship and a fabulous, shared experience.

Le Loafeur is for you if you love the vintage scene, but don’t want to have to work too hard to enjoy it! Or perhaps you ride a very historical or heavy town bike? Whatever your reason, all that matters to us is that you have a wonderful day in one of the most stunning places in Europe.

So dress up, take your time, you’ll have plenty, maybe get in a pub stop or even a swim in the lake? It’s a very special day and deserves the attention that you give to it.

If you don’t have a vintage bike, we’ll have high quality hire bikes available, there will also be a full vintage market to top up your wardrobe!

Le Loafeur, a magical day at the magical Velo Retro Festival.


Andrew Sanderson

What a great day today!  Done a lot of 'normal' sportives but this is my first vintage.  Got to say it was one of the best.  Things that made it special were Bikes, attire, home-made food, and the different terrain under your tyres - not just endless Tarmac.  Oh forgot the climb up to a light house. Will be back next year.


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46.7km + 576mtrs

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